Reading in the Sun

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Ms. Donohoe’s class enjoyed reading their library books under the shade of the garden trees this afternoon…..

What age am I?

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There’s a great buzz in the school about THE SECRET LIVES OF MOTHERS, the new book of poems by our writer-in-residence Gerry Boland. We thought you might like to read some of the poems from the book (there are fifty poems in all). We’ll put a different poem up each week for the next four weeks. The book is available to buy in the school. It costs €8 and Gerry will sign it and dedicate it. It’s also available in LIBER on O’Connell St.


I am ONE
Life is fun

I am TWO
How do you do?

It’s all about me

Hear me roar

Still alive

I am SIX
Snapping sticks

I wanna be eleven

On my first date

Out of line

I am TEN
Never again

Reading in Sixth Class

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The children in Ms. Donohoe’s class have been reading novels in groups of three over the past few weeks. Each group read a different novel and novels included The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom, Long Way Home, Cool and Fox Friend. The children took on roles within their group each day and used the skills of predicting, visualising, questioning and inferring to help them engage with their novels as they completed Task Sheets. Well Done Everybody! Thank you to Ms. Gillespie and Ms. Campbell for helping us too.

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Reading Friends

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Every Friday morning, 1st class meet with students from Mercy Secondary in the school library. Each child is paired up with a TY student and they get a chance to read their book every week. Each session ends with a game presented by 2 TY students. It is always lots of fun.


The Big Sleep In!!!!

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We wore our pyjamas and slippers to school today as part of The Big Sleep In! school fundraiser for World Book Day. Thank you to Ms. Lewis who read us some Roald Dahl before our nap!


Making Smoothies

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In 3rd/4th class, we are reading and writing procedures this month. During class, we read a smoothie recipe and for our Reward Time on Friday we tried the recipe out for ourselves!!! The smoothies were a delicious and healthy snack and many of the children are going to try the recipe again at home with the help of an adult!

Choral Speaking in Ms. Donohoe’s Class

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Witch Goes Shopping by Kryzl Deanne Pascual

Reading in the Outdoor Classroom

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After all our hard work these last two days, we took some time out to read our library books under the warm sun in the outdoor classroom.


Reading with Friends

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Ms. Donohoe’s 5th Class are reading the novel ‘Under the Hawthorn Tree’ by Marita Conlon-Mc Kenna. This novel tells the story of three siblings during the Irish Famine.

We are working on the novel together in pairs. Firstly, in our pairs, we make a sensible prediction together on what we think might happen in each chapter. Teacher then reads a passage aloud for us all and we all read each sentence after her, just as she did. Next, in our pairs, we read a passage to each other in turn, helping each other with words we find more difficult to read, pausing at the right times etc. We then complete a task to make sure we understand what we have read e.g. role-playing story characters, sketching an illustration. Finally, we use our dictionaries to find out the meanings of some words we don’t understand yet in the passage.


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We love to read books in Senior Infants. We are reading books from the Storyworlds series. You will hear Tyler read Monty and the bouncy castle. If you would like to hear more stories click here

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