Miss Murphy is scared!

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Miss Murphy is SO SCARED today. All these creatures came to her class. Oh where are all her lovely children gone to?

Jelly and ice cream

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Ms Murphy’s class decided to test out the effects of the heat and cold on food.
First we made jelly. Heat melts things was the first thing we discovered.
We placed the jelly in the freezer for a quick set.
The next day we went to the shop for ice cream to go with the jelly!
As you can see that didn’t happen as somebody forgot to take the jelly out of the freezer before she went home the previous evening!?

But we enjoyed eating our ice cream in the outdoor classroom.

Ms Murphy’s class were dining Alfresco today.

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Senior Infants visited the well pet hospital.

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Miss Murphy and her 24 aspiring vets had the pleasure of visiting the well pet hospital.

A huge thank you to Darren, Susi and all their team who gave us such a huge warm welcome.

So here we are waiting to go in.

The reception area at the well pet hosital.

We listened to the receptionist take all the important details of pet and the injuries.

They even have a junior vet clinic. We had great fun in this area.

Some of us sat in the cat waiting area. They keep the cats and dogs in different areas…just incase!

Here is Darren, in the Dog Waiting area with a patient and their owner. We hope this dog is better soon. He was so well behaved.

We got to listen to Chewy’s heartbeat. It sounded “kinda weird” according to this young “vet”!

Chewy was in the dog’s consulation room. The cats have their own consultation room.

There were no cats in the surgery when we arrived so we used a toy one.

We saw the pre theatre/treatment room. In this room, the pets are prepared for theatre or procedures are carried out. They even had a bath for the pets!

Darrren showed us some of the equipment that he uses.

Next it was off to the operating theatre.

We got to see the X-ray machine and try on the lead gloves! They were just a bit heavy.


we meet 3 dogs who had to stay over night in the vets. They were very happy to see us.

This is the cat ward. They have different doors on their crates than the dogs.

Do you know why? We do!


Thank you to all at the well pet hospital who gave the children a wonderful experience at the pet hospital today. It is something they will remember for ever.



The Junior Infants have had an ACTIVE week.

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Have a look to see what else they have been doing.

First class perform Star Attraction

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Due to some technical issues, this production come in 2 clips!

Ms Murphy’s Class are under SURVEILLANCE!

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Ms Murphy and her class got a huge surprise this morning.

SOMEBODY had put a sign on their class door.

We are working extra hard now.



Shoe Box Appeal 2014

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What a huge collection of shoe boxes we gathered today in Our Lady of Mercy PS.

A huge THANK YOU to the very generous  families who sent in the boxes.

The boxes were over flowing.

Thanks to you, many children are going to have a very special time this  Christmas morning.

From Our school……………
2nd class 4th class 5th 6th class ms Fitzpatrick Ms Flynn Ms Murphy Ms Towey plaza 1 senior infants 1st class

To these children……..

Anne was captured from her class today.

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Today was a scary day in Junior Infants.
All these scary people arrived into Ms Murphy’s class.

scarey faces

These witches were casting spells on everybody.

Next arrived Dracula and his friends.
pumpkin and co

Then our helper Anne was captured by Dracula and more of his team. She looks very scared. I wonder what they will do to her.

Ms Murphy decided that it was time to go into hiding. She was scared that she was going to be captured as well.
So supermen and their team spent the day protecting the rest of the school. They still have not found Anne. Should anybody find Anne, please rescue her and bring her back to us.

Rang Iníon Ní Mhurchú agus Rolaí Polaí

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Ms Murphy’s class are doing very well learning Gaeilge.

Have a look.

Ms Murphy’s Junior Infants were practising their ball skills today.

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Here is a small clip of Ms Murphy’s new Junior Infants working hard in pairs practising their ball skills.

Ms Murphy’s Junior Infants.

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Today Ms Murphy’s class enjoyed their first day at school.

What brave children they were when all the mums and Dads left.

They were amazing. They played, they ate their snacks and did some colouring.

Here is a small selection of photos.













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