Senior Infants made Music Shakers.

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Autumn Trees

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Ms Murphy’s class enjoyed painting their autumn trees today.

Can you guess what part of their hand did they use to make the branches?

School Attendance Awards 2017

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Congratulations to all the boys and girls who received an award for their excellent attendance this year. Well done to all!

Jelly and ice cream

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Ms Murphy’s class decided to test out the effects of the heat and cold on food.
First we made jelly. Heat melts things was the first thing we discovered.
We placed the jelly in the freezer for a quick set.
The next day we went to the shop for ice cream to go with the jelly!
As you can see that didn’t happen as somebody forgot to take the jelly out of the freezer before she went home the previous evening!😳

But we enjoyed eating our ice cream in the outdoor classroom.

Art on the move.

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Senior Infants went for a walk along the riverside. We sketched that we saw.
And of course we needed an ice pop to cool down😎

Ms Murphy’s class were dining Alfresco today.

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Senior Infants visited the well pet hospital.

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Miss Murphy and her 24 aspiring vets had the pleasure of visiting the well pet hospital.

A huge thank you to Darren, Susi and all their team who gave us such a huge warm welcome.

So here we are waiting to go in.

The reception area at the well pet hosital.

We listened to the receptionist take all the important details of pet and the injuries.

They even have a junior vet clinic. We had great fun in this area.

Some of us sat in the cat waiting area. They keep the cats and dogs in different areas…just incase!

Here is Darren, in the Dog Waiting area with a patient and their owner. We hope this dog is better soon. He was so well behaved.

We got to listen to Chewy’s heartbeat. It sounded “kinda weird” according to this young “vet”!

Chewy was in the dog’s consulation room. The cats have their own consultation room.

There were no cats in the surgery when we arrived so we used a toy one.

We saw the pre theatre/treatment room. In this room, the pets are prepared for theatre or procedures are carried out. They even had a bath for the pets!

Darrren showed us some of the equipment that he uses.

Next it was off to the operating theatre.

We got to see the X-ray machine and try on the lead gloves! They were just a bit heavy.


we meet 3 dogs who had to stay over night in the vets. They were very happy to see us.

This is the cat ward. They have different doors on their crates than the dogs.

Do you know why? We do!


Thank you to all at the well pet hospital who gave the children a wonderful experience at the pet hospital today. It is something they will remember for ever.



Mercy Primary Vet.

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The Receptionist was busy answering the phone and filling out the customer’s pet form.



The other customers were in the waiting area. The vet was busy today.




This customer was brought into the vet where the vet examined the puppy.We are waiting on the results.



This dog is on a drip as he had an operation to remove a stone that was in his belly. The drip has antibotics in it. He has to stay lying down on his back.( just incase the stitches open)


This poor dog had heart surgery. The vet discovered a hole in his heart when he took an x-ray of his body. He has to have an oxygen mask on to help him with his breathing. He is also on a drip. Keep tuned in for an update on the poor pets.


Finally the vet filled in the pet’s form. He filled in all the treatments and procedures carried out. The receptionist will give the bill to the owners!

Lá Glas

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Look at all the lovely Children from Ms Murphy’s class, all dressed for Lá Glas.

Searching for Ducklings and Signets

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Miss Murphy’s class are learning about Mothers and their Babies.

So today, we headed off to the Riverside searching for ducklings and signets.

We were disappointed that we didn’t see any babies but we did see a male duck- he has a green neck and head. He is called a drake.


The 2 ducks were standing on the boat!

Pancake Tuesday.

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Miss Murphy’s class enjoyed some pancakes yesterday. Miss Murphy bought the pancakes. The last time she made them at school, she burnt them and she set off the fire alarm! opps!

we had two toppings on them- butter or chocolate spread.

I think we enjoyed them!

Jackie and Rhum… A guide Dog

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Senior Infants were lucky to have a visit from Jackie and her guide dog. We learnt so much about the guide dogs, especially all the amazing things they can do.

Rhum is not working in this picture. She does not have her harness on.

Rhum was having a rest under the table.

In the last picture she is working. How do you know that she is working? Yes she has her harness on.

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