General School Rules
1. School starts at 8.50am. All pupils are expected to be in by then to avoid disruption.
2. Children are to be left in school each day until their correct finishing time.It is not good practice to take any child out of school early on any day except in an emergency.
3. Entry to the school for all visitors is up the steps at the front. Visitors are requested to use the buzzer located on the right to gain entry.
4. In the interest of security, all visitors must check in at the secretary’s office once they enter the premises.
5. Children are never allowed the open the main entry door for any visitor, so please do not ask them to do so for you, even if you know them.
6. Children arriving to and leaving the school do so by their own class exit door. Parents are asked to co-operate with this arrangement at all times.
7. It is a strict rule that children walk into and out of school at all times and on the corridors and to do so very quietly so as not to disrupt the other classes.
8. Politeness, good manners and respect are expected at all times and towards all persons.
9.A note from parents is required when a pupil:
-Has been absent.
-wishes to leave school during school hours (generally not to be encouraged).
10. If another person is collecting the child, the parents must inform the school by telephone.
11. No child may leave the play area during the breaks without permission from the teacher in charge.
12. Treat all school furniture and property with respect.
13. Label each child’s own belongings.
14. Chewing gum is banned.

Our Daily Schedule
8.50am School begins
10.30am-10.45am Morning Break- Sos
12.25-1pm Main Lunch Break
1.30pm Junior Infants and Senior Infants Finish
2.30 End of School Day

Children are expected to be in class for all of these times each day Monday to Friday. Taking children out of class before the official finishing time each day is not allowed.
Please support the school and help your child by making sure that he/she is in school every day every week for the full day all year round. This is very important and your interest and support in this crucial area of school attendance is vital.
We are required to notify the National Educational welfare board if a child is absent for more than 20 days.
Appointments to speak to the principal or a class teacher can be made through the school secretary at 071-9171364

Under the DEIS programme all of our pupils are provided daily (free of charge) with a healthy lunch from the Carambola Food Company. Carambola provide a range of delicious and healthy snacks and drinks. All the products are guaranteed to be good for children’s health. For further information see

Book Rental
Under this scheme, certain textbooks are available to rent for the year. The books available to rent are indicated on your child’s book list. The book rental scheme is available for children in 1st-6th classes. This scheme significantly reduces the cost of your child’s book bill. Books are returned at the end of the school year to the class teacher.

Sport in Our Lady of Mercy Primary
Sport plays a major part in the lives of children attending our school. As well as being introduced to various sports by the teacher during the PE class, the school avails of Sligo Senior Footballers to coach children in the skills of Gaelic football. We have availed of the experience of many GAA legends in recent times. Athletics and soccer is also kept to the forefront with visits at various times for coaching sessions of manager and players of Sligo Rovers.

Supervision of Pupils

The school will open to receive pupils at 8.50am. No responsibility is accepted for pupils arriving before that time. No pupils should arrive later than 8.50am. Classes will end each day at 2.30pm. Junior Infants and Senior Infants finish class at 1.30pm. Parents who wish to have their children escorted home should make their own arrangements to have them met at the school gate and the person to escort them should be at the school gate not later that 2.30pm as the school cannot take responsibility for looking after the children after that time.

How you can help
-Provide the right atmosphere. Set aside a quiet area or a time away from the rest of the family.
-Be around when they are doing the homework.
-Do not do the homework for them.
-Listen to reading, spelling, tables, prayers and poetry.
-Check that homework has been completed and sign the Homework Journal.
-If your child has been in the homework club it is still important that you check his/her homework when he/she gets home.

Homework Journal
All homework is recorded in the homework journal which can be purchased in the school shop or office for €3.

Types of Homework
There is generally a mixture of written work and oral work.
In spelling homework, we adopt a look, cover, say, write and check approach which has proven to be very effective.
Homework will be assigned in all subjects. However Irish, English and Maths will be allocated more time as these are the core subjects.
Please note that oral work is an extremely important part of homework and should always be checked as it often gets neglected by children.

Homework Policy

When parents take an active interest in what their children are doing, homework tends to be completed to a higher standard and more regularly. We expect each child to complete all homework assignments (written and oral). Homework is usually given Monday to Thursday.
The following is a suggested time guideline for homework.
We must emphasise that the times suggested are to be completely uninterrupted by television, tablets etc.

It is impossible to put a time on homework for the Junior and Senior Infants due to the nature of the work that will be given. Parents at this level however, can be expected to be involved significantly with the work set by the class teacher in either literacy or numeracy.

Junior Infants 0-10minutes
Senior Infants 10-20 minutes
First Class Up to 25 minutes
Second Class Up to 30 minutes
Third Class Up to 40 minutes
Fourth Class Up to 1 hour
Fifth Class Up to 1 hour
Sixth Class Up to 1 and a half hours
Learning Plaza 1 10-20 minutes
Learning Plaza 2 Up to 45 minutes

School Uniform
– Light blue blouse (not polo top)
– Navy V neck jumper or navy cardigan.
– Navy pinafore or long navy trousers
– White/ navy socks / tights
– Navy tie
– Black shoes

– light blue shirt
– Navy V neck jumper
– Navy trousers
– Navy tie
– Black shoes

The school uniform can be purchased in either Dunnes Stores, Pennys, Blackrock (Harmony Hill), Moffits or Mullaneys.

P.E Gear – Boys and Girls
– Navy polo shirt
– Grey tracksuit top (with school crest)
– Plain navy tracksuit bottoms
– Running shoes

School Crest
The School Crest is to be embroidered on the left side of the jumper or cardigan. This service is available from Jako sports in Markievicz Road (near Ulster Bank).
The school tracksuit top is also available from Jako Sports but order early.

children wear their PE gear on the class PE day only. If your child needs their PE hear for an after school activity, facilities will be available for them to change at 2.30pm.

School Bag
A special school bag is available for junior and senior infants in the School Shop/Office at a minimal cost.