Our Lady of Mercy Primary School is currently working towards achieving an ‘Active School Flag’. This initiative highlights the importance of physical activity and sport in schools and communities. The programme encourages all participating schools to evaluate their current provision of Physical Education, extracurricular activities, inclusive physical education and playtime practices, resources, links with the community and parents and to examine whether these can be improved upon. We are working hard to ensure that the children at our school benefit from all the best opportunities and experiences of physical activity possible before, during and after school.


Representatives from 6th Class have been selected to form an ‘Active Schools Committee’ together with staff and parents. The committee has been working hard to coordinate the Active School Flag initiative. This committee is in place since October 2014 and has helped to organise the Active School Flag notice board, update the school blog, develop ideas, and organise new and exciting physical activity initiatives.


Some initiatives that have already taken place and are currently ongoing include Rainy Breaks, Dynamic Hallway and Waiting transitions, Yard Buddies, professional development for teachers in Physical Education and after-school sporting activities. Resources have also been purchased for Physical Education classes and yard playtimes.

We are planning and organising our first Active School Week. This is a fantastic new addition to the school calendar that we are sure will get everyone up and moving.

Keep updated on what’s happening by reading the monthly Scéalta and checking the blog.