Senior Infants Carol Singing in the Avalon Centre.

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Ms Murphy’s class is Ready for Christmas.

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Mr Bramble in senior infants.

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Mr Bramble is a new boy in Senior Infants. He arrived to Miss Murphy’s class and he was so sad. He has no friends or no where to live. He now goes home with a child every week. He came to school today all dressed for winter and even with a school bag. Thank you to Danila’s mum who knitted his hat, scarf and bag.



Mìle buìochas- Thank you

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A massive thank you for the 174 shoeboxes that left us on Wednesday.

Team Hope Shoe Box Appeal 2017

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A huge Thank You to each and every family that very kindly sent in shoe boxes.
These boxes will make lots of children VERY happy.

Is the Coat Waterproof? Watch and See!

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Senior infants are learning about winter clothes.
Today we decided to see what coats were waterproof.

The Aiport in Senior Infants

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The check in lady is filling out the boarding pass. Can you figure out where the flight is going to?

The passenger is choosing her seat from the plane seat plan.

The two passengers have boarded and are waiting for the flight to depart,

These children are building the Great wall of China.

This boy is making suitcases.

This table are busy constructing the aeroplane.

Team Hope Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

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Last year we sent over 100 shoeboxes to Team Hope as a result of your kindness.
These boxes were sent all over the world to deserving children.
It is such a lovely activity for you to do with your child.
Let’s try to send more this year.
The shoe boxes will be collected from the school on Friday 10th November.

Senior Infants made Music Shakers.

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Mercy Primary Vet.

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The Receptionist was busy answering the phone and filling out the customer’s pet form.



The other customers were in the waiting area. The vet was busy today.




This customer was brought into the vet where the vet examined the puppy.We are waiting on the results.



This dog is on a drip as he had an operation to remove a stone that was in his belly. The drip has antibotics in it. He has to stay lying down on his back.( just incase the stitches open)


This poor dog had heart surgery. The vet discovered a hole in his heart when he took an x-ray of his body. He has to have an oxygen mask on to help him with his breathing. He is also on a drip. Keep tuned in for an update on the poor pets.


Finally the vet filled in the pet’s form. He filled in all the treatments and procedures carried out. The receptionist will give the bill to the owners!

Certificates of Attendance

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Well done to the children in the Learning Plaza 1 and 2 who received certificates of attendance for November &December.

Attendance Certificates

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Well done to all the children in Senior Infants who received certificates of attendance for November & December.

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