Energy Workshop

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Lisa visited our classroom today to talk to us about energy. We formed an energy chain to show how energy moves from the sun to the wheat growing in the field, then the farmer harvests the wheat and it is made in to cornflakes in a factory. We eat the cornflakes to give us energy!

Afterwards we had a race to see which team could dress themselves well for the cold months ahead to keep heat energy inside their bodies!


Green-Schools Award Ceremony

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For the past two years, our school has been working on the theme of Energy in our Green-Schools Programme. Today, we were awarded a new Green Flag for our work on the programme. Two members of our Green-School committee, Layla Nibbs and Thomas Bell, collected the flag with Mrs. Stenson and Ms. Donohoe. Well Done everyone!

Planting in 6th Class

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Ms. Donohoe’s 6th Class planted the runner beans and carrots they had planted as seeds in pots a few weeks ago in our new school polytunnel this morning.


Seed Planting

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Ms. Donohoe’s 6th Class are currently learning about how plants grow and the different ways they reproduce. This week we learned about the structure of a seed and planted some seeds as part of the Sow and Grow nationwide campaign. We planted baby carrots, runner beans and cress.


Engineers Week

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This week, we had an online chat with two engineers who informed us of the work they do as engineers.
To conclude the week, we were given a group challenge. Civil Engineers design buildings and infrastructure. We had to build a structure using spaghetti or cocktail sticks and marshmallows that would stay standing during an earthquake. First, we brainstormed how we could make the structure strong. For example, one group decided to use multiple spaghetti strands at each stage of their construction. After construction, we made the ground shake underneath each building! Two of the structures proved to be stronger than the others and we discussed the reasons for this. Well Done Everybody!

Engineers Week

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4th class were very busy planning, designing and building structures during Engineers Week. Some of the structures were very tall. The children really enjoyed the challenges. Well done!

Engineers Week

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As part of Engineers Week the children in 6th class worked together to design and construct structures using cocktail sticks and mini- marshmallows. Some designs were successful and others needed to be modified but everyone enjoyed the challenge.

Energy Awareness Week

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This week was Energy Awareness Week in Mercy Primary! Energy is our theme of work towards our next Green-Schools Flag. We concluded the week today with a Low Energy Day. We used much less energy today than last Friday. Well done to everybody for their efforts!!

Creating Simple Circuits

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Ms. Donohoe’s 6th Class were discussing electricity yesterday. We watched a video-clip and learned that electricity flows in currents when electrons move from negative to positive. Electricity needs to flow in a complete circuit before it can do “work”. After, we used some batteries and a wire to create a simple circuit of electricity that would make a bulb light.

Energy Awareness Week

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Last week was Energy Awareness Week in our school. The next Green-School Flag we are working towards requires us to make greater efforts to conserve energy at school and at home by turning off lights, closing doors, turning off taps, walking to school when we can etc. All classes participated in workshops with Martina Butler from the Heritage Council, school and home energy audits, ‘WOW’ Day, quizzes, poster competitions etc. By the end of the week, it was clear to everybody that we all CAN change our bad habits in to good habits! Well Done everybody and keep up the good work!


A Sea Aquarium in the Classroom

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Ms. Donohoe’s 6th Class had an aquarium in their classroom for a few weeks recently. The aquarium contained seven species that live in Irish waters including a starfish, a hermit crab and a prawn. The children had to feed the species regularly and check the water temperature and oxygen filter daily. They researched each species in groups and presented their findings to the class. They also discussed the causes and effects of water pollution and designed awareness posters to display in school.

Carrrowmore Tombs

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6th Class visited Carrowmore Tombs this morning as part of our study of megalithic tombs of the Stone Age. It was a great opportunity to see the remains of tombs we have been learning about for real in our own locality.



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