A New School Buddy Bench!

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A massive THANK YOU to Sligo Men’s Shed for donating a Buddy Bench to our school! The bench is made from recycled materials and children who want some company can come sit on it! What a lovely idea!!


Show Racism the Red Card!

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Ms. Donohoe’s 6th Class participated in a Show Racism the Red Card Workshop with Sligo Rovers player John Russell today.

Energy Awareness Week

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Last week was Energy Awareness Week in our school. The next Green-School Flag we are working towards requires us to make greater efforts to conserve energy at school and at home by turning off lights, closing doors, turning off taps, walking to school when we can etc. All classes participated in workshops with Martina Butler from the Heritage Council, school and home energy audits, ‘WOW’ Day, quizzes, poster competitions etc. By the end of the week, it was clear to everybody that we all CAN change our bad habits in to good habits! Well Done everybody and keep up the good work!


Mindfulness in 6th Class

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Ms. Donohoe’s 6th Class have been taking some time out of their busy schedule in recent weeks to relax their minds and bodies. We have meditated in the school Mindfulness Room and we have tried some quiet Mindfulness Colouring while listening to music. 

Bin It!

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Last week, the children from 3rd Class to 6th Class participated in a comical workshop and discussion about littering and the proper disposal of chewing gum.


Green-School Committee

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The all new Green-School committee for 2015-2016 has been appointed and the members met for the first time today. They will especially work on recycling and energy monitoring duties in the coming months. They received special Green-Schools badges to wear on their uniforms everyday too!


3rd and 4th Class School Tour 2015

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3rd and 4th Class had lots of fun in the Bundoran Adventure Centre on their school tour yesterday! They worked together to complete team tasks and a muddy obstacle course in darkness!

Green-Schools Award Ceremony

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Today Mrs. Stenson, Ms. Donohoe and two representatives from the Green-School committee collected our seventh Green-School flag for the theme of Global Citizenship: Litter and Waste. Well done to the Green-School committee, staff and parents for their co-operation with the implementation of the programme. We will be raising the flag outside the school soon!!!!!


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Sport for LIFE

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Children from Ms. Travers’ 3rd Class and Ms. Donohoe’s 3rd/4th Class have been participating in a Sport for LIFE programme. This programme gives children knowledge of how their body works and how best to take care of it through fun activities. For example we have learned all about the Food Pyramid, how our heart works, our muscle names and locations etc. Today we went to the I.T to meet other schools who also participated and to play some of the activities together again. We even got free t-shirts and a certificate for our school! Teachers can now teach the programme to other classes too!  Thank you to all of the Sport for LIFE facilitators. We have had great fun!

Active School Week in 3rd/4th Class

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After taking part in Active School week, we are all more aware of some efforts we can make to keep our bodies healthy. More importantly, we also realised how much fun we can have in the process!!!! Have a watch!!!!

Getting to know each other…..

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The children in the new 3rd/4th class didn’t all know each other before starting this year. We used the parachute to help us to learn each other’s names and also to practice working together.



Bicycle Safety Workshop

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Thank-you to David and Des from Halfords, Sligo who came to school today to share some top tips on bicycle safety and maintenance with children in 5th class. Each child also received a voucher to use in Halfords in conjunction with cycle accessories, safety equipment and bike purchases.

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